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Why Your Competitors Are Your Best Friends

When starting a business, you may be so focused on what you’re doing that you may not even know your competitors. In fact, knowing your competitors is very important, sostart researching bigger companies in your industry.Even if you consider them your enemies, soon, you’ll see your competitors are your best friends indeed.


Below you can find what you can get from the competitors in your field:

  • You’ll Find Your Place in the Market

Without understanding your competitors and their business, you cannot find your own place in the market and differentiate your own products or services. Knowing your competitors will help you identify important niche market opportunities right for your business.

  • Your Competitor’s Mistakes Will Help You

The modern digital world allows for getting information about virtually any company you’d like. Do some research online to see what mistakes your competitors have done so to avoid repeating them. You can focus on social media to find out what opinion people have concerning your competitors. Don’t forget to take notes of the mistakes found.

  • What Works Well for Your Competitors

Research and find out what’s working well for your competitors. Then, try to model it instead of copying. Consider the strategies they use and marketing efforts they make so to have an idea how you can help your own business be a success. You can subscribe to their email newsletter. If you’re doing something your competitor haven’t tried yet, be careful with it.

  • You Can Get New Opportunities in the Marketplace

Look at your competitors and determine what is their target segment of the marketplace. Find out what type of customers/clients they are trying to attract. Focus on what is not being served by your competitors. However, don’t make any efforts without studying well and testing.

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  • Collaboration

If some of those businesses you think are your competitors operate differently and are in different markets, you can get opportunities for collaboration. So get to know your competitor well instead of seeing them as your enemies.

  • Your Customers Will Know You Better

The competition will help your customers compare you and your competitors and gain a better understanding of your business.

It’s really important to analyze your competitors if you want to strategically position your products or services in the marketplace. Don’t be focused only on your own business. Study your competitors well and use that knowledge to your advantage through your own branding and marketing.